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Expenses, VAT and HMRC compliance in a nutshell.

Here is a comprehensive guide to expenses, VAT and HMRC compliance. When it comes to these guidelines, it is not always clear what best-practice is, or even what the rules truly mean. This guide looks to provide unambiguous, helpful advice within both internal and HMRC guidelines.

Company: Concur | Published: 25 January 2016 | Business Area: Pensions and Employee Benefits

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Autumn Statement - How it affects you and your clients

25th of November 2015 was billed as a joint Spending Review and Autumn Statement. In truth, it was far more of the former and very little of the latter, with the proportion of the speech allocated to tax measures being almost non-existent. Download today and read more about these changes and what... view abstract

Company: Tolley | Published: 09 December 2015 | Business Area: Governance

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Introduction to the diverted profits tax

The DPT scheme hopes to deter multinational groups of companies from diverting profits away from the UK. This guidance note helps readers to understand the basic principles of the DPT regime to enable them to ascertain whether they will breach regulations. Download your copy to learn more.

Company: Tolley | Published: 09 November 2015 | Business Area: Corporation Tax

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HMRC's latest weapon and the risk to your clients

Emma Neal Head of Tax assesses HMRC’s latest weapon and the risk to your clients.

Company: Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting UK | Published: 22 October 2015 | Business Area: Tax

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Entrepreneurs' relief

This comprehensive guide explores the implications of Entrepreneurs' relief and capital gains tax. Download your copy now to learn more.

Company: Tolley | Published: 31 July 2015 | Business Area: Financial Management

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This white paper outlines the Tax Journal’s top 10 cases for the first 6 months of 2015 – and 5 on reasonable excuse. Download your copy to learn more.

Company: Tolley | Published: 07 July 2015 | Business Area: Income Tax

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How to confess your sins to the taxman

When you have that road to Damascus moment, and want to come clean to the taxman about your under-declared income, how do you confess your sins? Is it as straightforward as laying yourself at the mercy of your local tax office, or are there other ways to manage your disclosure?

Company: Berg Kaprow Lewis | Published: 09 September 2014 | Business Area: Income Tax

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HMRC to require accelerated tax payments from certain taxpayers subject to enquiry

This news piece looks at the recently published HMRC consultation document on accelerating the collection of tax in certain cases where the amount due is disputed and discusses these proposals in detail.

Company: Tolley | Published: 17 February 2014 | Business Area: Enforcement and Regulation

Statutory definition of tax residence: Full briefing

This briefing provides a detailed guide to the new SRT and highlights some of the practical considerations for affected individuals.

Company: Rawlinson & Hunter | Published: 04 February 2014 | Business Area: Customs Duties

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VAT Focus

This document contains a round-up of recent UK VAT related developments. There are two main changes to the treatment of cross-border transactions which come into effect from 1 January 2015.

Company: Smith and Williamson | Published: 04 February 2014 | Business Area: VAT and Sales Tax

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