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Accountants for business: Reporting risk

This report examines how the quality and value of risk reporting can be improved. It reviews current practice in risk reporting, the barriers to better risk reporting, the wishes of users, and the concerns of preparers.

Company: ACCA | Published: 25 February 2015 | Business Area: Risk Management

A guide to Pensions Stability

Defined benefit pension schemes are still being run with far greater risk than is necessary and there is an opportunity to create a more stable financial and operational environment. This guide examines why Pensions Stability should be the objective for employers, and explains how to achieve it.

Company: Aon Hewitt | Published: 01 September 2014 | Business Area: Corporate Pensions

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FSR product review: Managing the financial close process

The financial close process, from period-end to filing, is typically disjointed and frequently involves manual intervention. This process places a burden on staff and communications. This article looks at how firms can collaborate on financial consolidations and reduce risk.

Company: IBM | Published: 29 November 2012 | Business Area: Financial Reporting

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Counting the hidden costs of SEPA migration

The Single Euro Payments Area initiative is creating a zone in which all euro electronic payments are treated as domestic, by removing differences between national and pan-European payments. But the time critical SEPA-compliance deadline is fast approaching and failure to migrate will prove costly.

Company: Experian | Published: 22 October 2012 | Business Area: Planning

Tackling risk

Risk management is never far from the FD’s mind. This whitepaper sets out to take the pulse of where FDs believe their most pressing risks lie, how they are monitoring them, and what tools they use to mitigate the worst effects.

Company: Lloyds Bank Wholesale Banking & Markets | Published: 17 September 2012 | Business Area: Risk Management

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Pensions fraud risk survey report 2012

According to the National Fraud Authority, fraud costs the UK in general an estimated £73 billion every year*. The Baker Tilly Pensions Fraud Risk Survey 2012 reveals the incidence of fraud in UK pension schemes and shows how trustees and pension managers have responded to the risk.

Company: Baker Tilly | Published: 07 August 2012 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

Finance 2011 – Time to Build the “Last Mile”

In recent years, the telecommunications industry has popularized the term, “the last mile” to describe the technology required to connect the end customer to the central network. This paper looks at why applying the “last mile” to finance value is no longer optional, it is imperative.

Company: IBM | Published: 03 July 2012 | Business Area: Risk Management

Professional Indemnity Insurance: The state of the market for accountancy practises in 2012

In this independently commissioned survey, Accountancy Age in association with Brunel look at the variety of different insurance issues and requirements of accountancy practitioners.

Company: Brunel Professional Risks | Published: 09 May 2012 | Business Area: Insurance

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5 ways to ensure you are paying a competitive premium for PI cover

The Professional Indemnity insurance (PI) market has experienced intense competition among insurers and an abundant capacity that has lead to a continuing reduction in insurance premiums. Find out how to review the PI cover to achieve the best cover and service.

Company: Accountancy Age | Published: 02 May 2012 | Business Area: Risk Management

Should banks have differentiated financial reporting requirements?

In this white paper, Vincent Papa of CFA looks at whether, in the light of the recent economic crisis, banks need to change or modify how they create their finacial reports.

Company: CFA Institute | Published: 05 September 2011 | Business Area: Risk Management

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