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Solutions to the GDPR Compliance Challenge

Non-compliance penalties of up to 4% of annual revenue or €20 million have brought the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the attention of businesses across the UK. FDs, CFOs, CEOs and accountants will need to understand the legislation to make informed decisions and preparations before... view abstract

Company: Close Brothers Technology Services | Published: 15 November 2016 | Business Area: Technology

FRS 102 and the new FRC taxonomies

For most firms, FRS 102 will be the primary accounting standard for future HMRC returns. This short resource shows the differences between old UK GAAP and the new requirements. It also outlines the new mandatory tags under FRS 102

Company: Arkk Solutions | Published: 15 September 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

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The challenges of increasingly complex and changing industry regulations

This research document explains the regulatory changes, challenges and impact facing organisations and offers solutions to help.

Company: Infor | Published: 01 July 2015 | Business Area: Enforcement and Regulation

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CCH Finance Act 2015 Report

Depending on the result of the general election, the Finance Act 2015 may be the first of two, three, or possibly even more finance acts in 2015. This report summarises the changes that have been made in various areas of taxation and the dates on which they become effective.

Company: Wolters Kluwer | Published: 15 April 2015 | Business Area: Practice Management

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How to confess your sins to the taxman

When you have that road to Damascus moment, and want to come clean to the taxman about your under-declared income, how do you confess your sins? Is it as straightforward as laying yourself at the mercy of your local tax office, or are there other ways to manage your disclosure?

Company: Berg Kaprow Lewis | Published: 09 September 2014 | Business Area: Income Tax

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HMRC's very worrying plan to extract cash from taxpayers' bank accounts

This article, written by Keith Gordon for Taxation magazine, the market-leading weekly magazine providing news and features on UK tax law, practice and administration, discusses HMRC’s proposal to extract cash from taxpayers’ bank accounts.

Company: Tolley | Published: 09 June 2014 | Business Area: Enforcement and Regulation

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3 good reasons why your micro-entity clients shouldn’t DIY

This short guide from IRIS arms you with reasons why clients should not take the new regulations as the green light to cut corners with their paperwork or to take on preparing their accounts themselves.

Company: IRIS | Published: 06 May 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

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Financial fair play in football

Over the last few years, complex financial football regulations have been drafted and implemented by various football governing bodies and leagues. This report focuses on the implementation of the UEFA, Premier League and Football League cost control rules.

Company: BDO Stoy Hayward | Published: 30 April 2014 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

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Multinationals And The Great Tax Debate

This special paper from Tolley and Lexis PSL Tax discusses the many proposals and initiatives that have emerged from the subject of tax evasion and avoidance. It is intended as a contribution to the debate on how to limit tax avoidance by multinationals.

Company: Tolley | Published: 21 January 2014 | Business Area: Corporation Tax

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Whillans’s Worldwide Taxes – Germany chapter

Specifically designed for the UK tax practitioner, Whillans’s Worldwide Taxes sets out the personal and corporate tax regimes for 100 of the world's leading countries. This chapter covers the tax regime of Germany and provides essential information for advisers.

Company: Tolley | Published: 09 September 2013 | Business Area: Corporation Tax

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