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CCH Budget Insight 2015

Now in its fourth year Wolters Kluwer Budget Insight provides free, expert commentary on the recent UK Budget proposals. Budget Insight 2015 will help you assess the impact of the Budget proposals on your own or your clients’ businesses and tax liabilities.

Company: Wolters Kluwer | Published: 21 April 2015 | Business Area: Budgeting

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Devolved taxes in Scotland

The first fully devolved Scottish taxes, land and buildings transaction tax and Scottish landfill tax, come into effect on 1 April 2015. This guidance note summarises the current statutory position along with the recommendations of the Smith Commission and the latest draft legislation.

Company: Tolley | Published: 17 March 2015 | Business Area: Enforcement and Regulation

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Calculating the deemed employment payment

The intention of IR35 is to collect the same tax and NICs as would have been paid if the individual was employed directly by the client. However, IR35 shifts the obligation to pay tax and NICs onto the service company. This guidance note covers how to calculate this deemed employment payment.

Company: Tolley | Published: 10 November 2014 | Business Area: Employment Tax

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Tolley®Guidance: Student loan deductions

Employers taking on graduates often have an additional responsibility to the normal PAYE processes regarding tax and NI – they may well have to collect student loan repayments. This guidance note includes help for employers on when and how student loan repayments have to be collected.

Company: Tolley | Published: 04 September 2014 | Business Area: PAYE

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Ten tax tips for rural businesses

The future is brighter, the economy is picking up, the farming year is well underway, and there are a number of steps that farmers and land owners can take now to put their tax affairs in better order for the future.

Company: Saffery Champness | Published: 12 June 2014 | Business Area: Income Tax

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Tax briefing - HMRC partnership tax consultation

HMRC has recently published a consultation document concerning certain aspects of partnership tax rules. The consultation is relevant to any LLP where an individual's involvement might be considered to be akin to that of an employee and any LLP or partnership which includes a company as a partner.

Company: Saffery Champness | Published: 07 June 2013 | Business Area: Corporation Tax

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Mazars Tax Facts 2013

Mazars' 20 page guide provides key tax facts and figures at your fingertips for 2013/14. The guide covers personal and business tax developments relevant to the 2013 budget and outlines the proposed changes from April 2014.

Company: Mazars | Published: 09 April 2013 | Business Area: Income Tax

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Tax Facts 2013/14

Produced by Baker Tilly, this easy-to-use comprehensive guide provides facts and figures you need to know. Updated on 20 March 2013 following the Chancellor's Budget.

Company: Baker Tilly | Published: 02 April 2013 | Business Area: Corporation Tax

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Employers' Digest: November 2012

This newsletter contains information you need to know about employment taxes and things HMRC expects from you as an employer. Topics covered this month include: national insurance contribution refunds for car allowances; HMRC spotlight on clerks to governors; plus case updates.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 29 November 2012 | Business Area: Employment Tax

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