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5 ways to develop your practice - NEW guide

It’s easy to become typecast if the only work you do for clients is their tax return or annual accounts. What more could you offer existing clients? How can you reach out to prospects? IRIS' guide offers tips on building your practice by extending your range of services and winning new business... view abstract

Company: IRIS | Published: 01 April 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

Virtual Financial Officers

Some accountancy practices are actively marketing themselves as ‘virtual finance officers’ as an added-value service. Sage's article studies the emerging role of the virtual finance officer and the key benefits for both accountants and clients.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 28 February 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

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Writing a better business blog

Designed for marketing professionals, Sage's guide outlines five ways to writing a better business blog. In the current environment, it’s far more effective to concentrate your efforts online to reach your target audience. Download this article to find out more.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 25 February 2014 | Business Area: Marketing Your Practice

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Guide for partners: Search engine optimisation

Designed for accountancy practices, this guide provides general advice on search engine optimisation. After reading it, you will be familiar with basic SEO methods, which you can use to optimise your website. The goal is to make it easier for search engines – and customers – to find your site.

Company: Xero | Published: 04 February 2014 | Business Area: Marketing Your Practice

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Practice management: Winning new clients

Running an accounting or bookkeeping practice can be very demanding, and it can often mean juggling marketing and sales to keep the company growing. Sage's whitepaper studies how your practice can expand its potential client base by improving marketing communications and widening its web presence.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 13 January 2014 | Business Area: Marketing Your Practice

Dare to be different: Identifying and utilising your practice's USP

Does your practice have a unique selling point? Having a solid USP allows your practice to stand out from the crowd. This paper examines the value of a solid USP, and how practices can communicate their key strengths to clients to enhance brand equity, customer satisfaction and revenues.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 09 December 2013 | Business Area: Marketing Your Practice

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CCH Social Media Survey 2012: How accountants are using social media

In November 2012 CCH repeated a survey on social media which we first conducted in 2011. Featuring input from 950 accountants, this guide provides in-depth analysis of the findings. Topics covered include accountants' social media usage and six ways for accountants to effectively use social media.

Company: CCH, A Wolters Kluwer Business | Published: 21 March 2013 | Business Area: Marketing Your Practice

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Win new clients with your practice website: Transforming accountants from website novices to online marketing experts

Your website is the public face of your practice. It’s as important as the shop window is to a shop keeper. Geared towards accountancy professionals, this whitepaper looks at how businesses can improve their website and marketing activities to win new clients.

Company: IRIS | Published: 14 March 2013 | Business Area: Marketing Your Practice

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Your practice data - a goldmine for your business

Selling more to your existing customers is one of the easiest ways to increase revenues. Can you mine the data acquired in the course of tax, accounts and company administration compliance work to reveal a wealth of opportunities? This whitepaper explores the potential for mining your practice data.

Company: IRIS | Published: 16 August 2012 | Business Area: Project Management

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Unlocking the power of LinkedIn for Accountants - for senior partners & managers

In this paper, Insight Marketing looks at the benefits of using LinkedIn for your Accountancy Practice.

Company: Insight Marketing | Published: 02 April 2012 | Business Area: Marketing Your Practice

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