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FSR product review: Managing the financial close process

The financial close process, from period-end to filing, is typically disjointed and frequently involves manual intervention. This process places a burden on staff and communications. This article looks at how firms can collaborate on financial consolidations and reduce risk.

Company: IBM | Published: 29 November 2012 | Business Area: Financial Reporting

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XBRL reporting solution: How to solve the challenges of the 'Last Mile' of finance

The adoption of XBRL as the de facto global reporting standard has ushered in a new era in the delivery of statutory reports and filings. Geared towards FDs and CFOs, this paper looks at how to apply technology to solve the challenges of the ‘Last Mile' of finance.

Company: IBM | Published: 26 November 2012 | Business Area: iXBRL

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The single most important document: Moving annual reporting into the 21st century

Despite being so important, the process to create the annual report, the 10-K and the 10-Q is still stuck in the Middle Ages. Merging multiple sources of data from separate staff can be problematic. This paper provides advice on how to improve the annual reporting process and avoid costly mistakes.

Company: IBM | Published: 19 November 2012 | Business Area: iXBRL

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Financial Statement Reporting (FSR): a Liverpool Victoria Case Study

Rapid growth and the need to meet the rapidly changing environment that insurers and asset managers must operate in had a profound impact on Liverpool Victoria's Finance department. Following a review of its processes, LV= implemented the IBM Cognos FSR financial governance solution.

Company: IBM | Published: 11 July 2012 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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Finance 2011 – Time to Build the “Last Mile”

In recent years, the telecommunications industry has popularized the term, “the last mile” to describe the technology required to connect the end customer to the central network. This paper looks at why applying the “last mile” to finance value is no longer optional, it is imperative.

Company: IBM | Published: 03 July 2012 | Business Area: Risk Management

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