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Cracking the Code on Expense Compliance

How can you drive greater compliance? Expense compliance is top of the agenda for many UK businesses today. If the MP expense scandals, strict Anti-Bribery laws or regular HMRC audits have prompted you to take a closer look at your expense process, this white paper will provide you with some advice... view abstract

Company: Concur | Published: 18 February 2016 | Business Area: Tax

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Myth busters: busting myths about business expenses, VAT reclaim and mileage

Need some clarification? This helpful Myth Busters Guide busts 15 commonly misunderstood myths about business expenses, VAT reclaim on travel expenses, and mileage. Download to uncover the real facts and eliminate misleading information.

Company: Concur | Published: 25 January 2016 | Business Area: Financial Management

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The view from HMRC’s solicitor’s office

HMRC takes a great pride in its 80% success rate in tax avoidance cases before the tribunals and courts. Here, HMRC's general counsel and solicitor Gill Aitken talks about HMRC's approach to tax litigation in an exclusive Q&A with Tax Journal. Download your copy to read more.

Company: Tolley | Published: 17 September 2015 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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Direct recovery of debt

It is expected that HMRC will apply the direct recovery of debt to a small number of taxpayers in the remaining part of the 2015/16 tax year following Royal Assent. To find out more about the details and how the processes will work, download now.

Company: Tolley | Published: 04 September 2015 | Business Area: Legal and Regulation

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Diverted profits tax: an overview

The diverted profits tax is a new tax enacted as part of FA 2015. It seeks to target profits which have been ‘diverted’ from the UK tax net, either by the involvement of entities or transactions lacking economic substance, or through an ‘avoided PE’. Read to find out more.

Company: Tolley | Published: 11 June 2015 | Business Area: Employment Tax

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The Twilight World of Lawless VAT

CCH have identified a worrying trend – HMRC’s cavalier attitude to the letter of the law. Glyn Edwards, Senior VAT Consultant, reports on recent examples of how HMRC behaves as if the law only applies against taxpayers and can be disregarded when it suits the Department.

Company: Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting UK | Published: 26 February 2015 | Business Area: VAT and Sales Tax

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Weekly tax update - February 23rd 2015

This tax update reviews recent announcements from the HMRC, including that online registration of interest for marriage allowances is open for married couples and those in civil partnerships and employers will be able to avoid penalties for delays of up to three days when filing PAYE information.

Company: Smith and Williamson | Published: 24 February 2015 | Business Area: PAYE

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Private Clients Quarterly Tax Digest - January edition

This Quarterly Tax Digest comprises topical news items and insights relevant to Private Clients. Topics covered: HMRC rental income; IHT - is your AIM correct; minimising losses on failed investments; tax efficient Enterprise Investment Schemes; new reporting requirements for trustees.

Company: Buzzacott | Published: 12 February 2015 | Business Area: Enforcement and Regulation

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Demystifying compliance - for accountants in business

A look at the impact of iXBRL, RTI, AE, and changes to IFRS and UK GAAP on accountants in business. This whitepaper reviews developments in the compliance landscape. It also includes some tips for easing what otherwise threatens to be an escalating burden on busy corporate finance professionals.

Company: IRIS | Published: 22 January 2015 | Business Area: Planning

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Seven Trent has iXBRL tagging on tap with IRIS OpenResourcing

Severn Trent Water were looking for someone to efficiently handle their accounts iXBRL tagging process.

Company: IRIS | Published: 07 January 2015 | Business Area: iXBRL

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