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Six Rules for Effective Forecasting

This article demythologizes the forecasting process to help executives become sophisticated and participative consumers of forecasts, rather than passive absorbers. It outlines six simple, common sense rules that smart managers should observe as they embark on a voyage of discovery.

Company: Adaptive Insights | Published: 19 May 2014 | Business Area: Forecasting

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Dynamic Forecasting: A Planning Innovation for Fast-Changing Times

This article takes the concept of rolling forecasting—itself a relatively new approach—one big step further, and dives into the details & benefits of dynamic forecasting.

Company: Adaptive Insights | Published: 08 May 2014 | Business Area: Forecasting

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What-If Analysis and Activity-Based Budgeting

This article introduces the powerful new extension of the activity-based budgeting model that enables a company to link its strategic plan and sales and production forecast to the specific demands for capacity required for implementation.

Company: Adaptive Insights | Published: 06 May 2014 | Business Area: Budgeting

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Integrated performance management: Plan, budget, forecast

Deloitte's Finance report investigates the barriers to change in planning, budgeting and forecasting. Comprising input from over 500 senior Finance professionals, this report studies how organisations can use forecasting properly, apply process discipline and exploit technology.

Company: Deloitte | Published: 03 April 2014 | Business Area: Planning

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FD masterclass series: Exploring key tasks and best practice - Forecasting

The purpose of forecasts is to drive tactical decisions that address problems before they impact the objectives set out in the plan. This whitepaper studies how companies can improve the accuracy of sales, earnings and cash forecasts, through the use of best practices.

Company: Talentia Software | Published: 21 November 2013 | Business Area: Forecasting

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Improving financial reporting in corporate performance management

Produced by Financial Director, this paper examines the current forecasting, reporting and budgeting challenges faced by corporate finance departments. The paper studies the benefits of automating the reconciliation of company accounts by utilising corporate performance management applications.

Company: Talentia Software | Published: 12 November 2013 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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Bournemouth Transport Ltd selects Sage Asset 1000 to manage over £12 million worth of assets

Bournemouth Transport required a system that could accommodate forecasting up to 5 years at any one time, a process historically achieved by running multiple reports. This case study focuses on the company's implementation of Sage Asset 1000 & how it has enabled improved departmental efficiencies.

Company: Real Asset Management | Published: 01 July 2013 | Business Area: Forecasting

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The corporate performance management conundrum: A finance manager's view

Download this whitepaper to find out how finance managers can apply corporate performance management tools to improve planning, forecasting and budgeting processes within your business. Topics covered: what is CPM?; KPIs; the benefits of CPM for finance; CPM and business intelligence.

Company: Advanced Business Solutions | Published: 13 June 2013 | Business Area: Budgeting

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Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting: Removing the hurdles

This report, based on a survey of over 200 respondents, illustrates best practices for facilitating financial planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. The report focuses on: defining processes; increasing communication and collaboration; enabling visibility and implementing technology.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 13 May 2013 | Business Area: Planning

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Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting: Leveraging risk-adjusted strategies to enable accuracy

Risk-adjusted strategies are often absent from the critical process of financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. Comprising input from 194 companies, this report analyses CFOs' financial planning, budgeting and forecasting strategies when accounting for risks.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 18 April 2013 | Business Area: Forecasting

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