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Enterprise Index - October 2013

The latest Smith & Williamson Enterprise Index has revealed that confidence in the economy is on the up. With a benchmark 100 on 1 January 2013, the second quarter saw the index score drop to 90.1. However, in the third quarter, recorded July 2013, it has risen to 103.3; above its initial benchmark.

Company: Smith and Williamson | Published: 30 October 2013 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

Taking charge of the momentum: The finance professionals guide to embracing and optimising the positive economic outlook

As the sun finally shone this summer, along with it came the positive news that the CBI raised its growth forecasts. Designed for finance professionals, this guide provides 7 steps which can be applied to your business, to make sure you're in the best shape to embrace the positive economic outlook.

Company: Exchequer | Published: 12 September 2013 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

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BDO Business Trends: December 2012

BDO's latest business trends report paints a gloomy picture for the UK's economy, with weakening confidence within UK businesses pointing to economic contraction ahead. Download this report for insights into why confidence has fallen and why businesses are reluctant to hire and plan for growth.

Company: BDO Stoy Hayward | Published: 15 January 2013 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

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BDO Business Trends: October 2012

The BDO Monthly Trends Indices are ‘polls of polls’ that pull together the results of all the main UK business surveys. Topics covered include: output; optimism; inflation and employment trends.

Company: BDO Stoy Hayward | Published: 25 October 2012 | Business Area: Market Data

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Which way now for reward? The continuing evolution of reward in the recession

This paper looks at the specific changes to reward thinking and practice in the UK private sector and comprises the views and opinions of over 65 UK companies (or UK divisions in global companies), covering a wide range of business sectors.

Company: Hay Group | Published: 08 August 2012 | Business Area: Managing Your People

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The budget means business: Budget 2012

When the Chancellor sat down after delivering Budget 2012, the over-riding theme was that of a Budget aimed at helping UK workers. But what else did his speech focus on? PWC's report cuts through the rhetoric and provides a full analysis by outlining the implications for businesses and individuals.

Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers | Published: 01 May 2012 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

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ICAEW/ Grant Thornton UK business confidence monitor: Q3 2011

Within this paper ICAEW looks at the results of their 2011 3rd quarter business confidence monitor with Grant Thornton, and how the increasingly difficult outlook for the global economy (particularly in Europe and the US over recent weeks) has added additional pressure to the faltering UK recovery.

Company: ICAEW | Published: 22 August 2011 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

Webinar: An introduction to Foreign Exchange

World First Chief Economist Jeremy Cook presents a webinar outlining the basics of market movements, the risks that these pose to your business and the contracts with which you can protect your bottom line.

Company: World First | Published: 03 June 2011 | Business Area: Foreign Exchange

The Resilience to Fraud of the Uk Charity Sector

This Report considers how well the UK Charity Sector protects itself against fraud. It is the most comprehensive report of its type ever undertaken. Fraud is a problem which undermines the stability and financial health of organisations across the economy. It is not a victimless crime, but one which... view abstract

Company: PKF | Published: 16 May 2011 | Business Area: Public Sector

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Charity Matters – News and Views for the Charity Sector

If there is an overriding theme for 2011, it is change. The Comprehensive Spending Review will certainly have far-reaching consequences, and its potential impact upon the third sector is being viewed with everything from suspicion to downright alarm. There is no doubt that a majority of organisations... view abstract

Company: PKF | Published: 13 May 2011 | Business Area: Public Sector

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