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How important is a connected digital infrastructure in delivering customer service?

It’s vital for organisations to understand that being ‘digitally ready’ is about transforming in the right way, often driven by a desire to get closer and more personal with customers. Every communication should be designed so that it’s easy,efficient,and creates a satisfying interaction for them... view abstract

Company: Advanced | Published: 06 March 2017 | Business Area: Business Software

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The Importance Of Financial Management For Ecommerce

Improve your cash flow with Sage X3. Imagine if you could get all your financial data online, from a single dashboard and without any human interaction – how much easier and simpler would it be to manage your company’s overall performance. Do you have a successful eCommerce storefront backed by a... view abstract

Company: Sage X3 | Published: 20 April 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

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Support Customer Retention And Growth

Management of costs and a consistent service to customers is core to driving customer retention and growth. To achieve this goal, both back and front-office processes must be seamlessly aligned to ensure customer service is out- standing, production efficient and a tight handle is kept on costs and... view abstract

Company: Sage X3 | Published: 19 April 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

SDL chooses Concur to automate its diverse global expense procedures transforming it into a vital strategic management tool

This case study on SDL - a world leading provider of Customer Experience - outlines why they chose to switch to Concur's automated Expense system. Read more to learn how having instant and fully up to date expense data provides SDL management with a powerful strategic tool to guide the Company’s future... view abstract

Company: Concur | Published: 03 July 2015 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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