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What the Best CFOs Do Better: Secrets for Smarter Decision-Making

Focusing on four key areas, this whitepaper looks at what the best CFOs do better and uncovers the secrets for smarter decision making. Download this whitepaper for insights into: the qualities of top CFOs; balancing cost control with growth; strategies for CFOs; making real-time decisions.

Company: Adaptive Insights | Published: 29 September 2014 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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Why smart CFOs are moving to the cloud

Why are smart CFOs turning to the cloud? This whitepaper focuses on three key benefits CFOs can gain by moving to the cloud: efficiency and cost savings; change and choice; flexibility.

Company: Infor | Published: 15 September 2014 | Business Area: Cloud Computing

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Decision-Making at the Speed of Business

Today's CFOs have a key decision to make: maintain the status quo of antiquated technology, or champion the push for modern business systems? This whitepaper studies the evolving role of the CFO and highlights the key role played by today's CFOs as strategic business leaders.

Company: Adaptive Insights | Published: 12 August 2014 | Business Area: Strategy

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CFO management accounting: Fixing finance - Work in process

Despite the enormous costs that have been wrung out of finance department operations, CFOs have plenty of reasons to push for more process improvement. This article focuses on CFO's top priorities for process improvement and highlights how CFOs can win approval for change programs.

Company: Adaptive Insights | Published: 01 July 2014 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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Tackling the CFO innovation challenge

The role of the CFO is evolving, moving from an operational focus to delivering thought leadership and true innovation to the enterprise. This whitepaper discusses the CFO's current innovation challenges, strategic and operational initiatives, and best practices.

Company: Perceptive Software (from Lexmark) | Published: 07 March 2014 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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The innovative CFO: Transforming your role to achieve organisational success

As CFO, your traditional role of safeguarding financials and managing budgets is now expanding to include a myriad of additional responsibilities to support your firm's future growth. This white paper explores how the CFO role must transform to keep up with these continuous environmental changes.

Company: Deltek | Published: 01 November 2013 | Business Area: Strategy

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7 cash flow warning signs every CFO should recognise

How many of these 7 cash flow warning signs do you recognise? These are the areas in a business where good cash management is most likely to be lacking. The CFO that tackles these issues will not only improve the performance of their business, but also their own standing in the company.

Company: Accesspay | Published: 02 September 2013 | Business Area: Working Capital

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Effective financial management for international expansion

Aberdeen surveyed 200 companies to understand how their financial executives support their international expansion activities. The study revealed that CFOs strive to maintain real-time visibility to financial data and information through a mix of process innovation and technology implementation.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 22 May 2013 | Business Area: Strategy

Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting: Leveraging risk-adjusted strategies to enable accuracy

Risk-adjusted strategies are often absent from the critical process of financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. Comprising input from 194 companies, this report analyses CFOs' financial planning, budgeting and forecasting strategies when accounting for risks.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 18 April 2013 | Business Area: Forecasting

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The role of the CFO: Balancing internal and external requirements

Due to the changes and innovations of modern business, the role of CFOs has become more complex than ever before. Produced by PwC, this whitepaper studies how CFOs need to address: compliance issues; internal and external requirements; new forecasting and reporting methods.

Company: Tagetik | Published: 10 April 2013 | Business Area: Financial Reporting

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