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Innovative payment solutions

Healthy cash flow is a key part of driving growth for your business. But it’s a constant challenge when you’re battling irregular payment cycles, complex lending policies and, worst of all, late paying customers. A new white paper, produced by American Express, explores the effects of illiquidity... view abstract

Company: American Express | Published: 04 April 2017 | Business Area: Cash Flow

The secret to supercharged business growth

In a new white paper, American Express explains how its Working Capital Solution can help. It can help speed up payments for both suppliers and buyers, and integrates with existing invoice systems. Download the white paper to see how it works, read case studies and to consider some of the benefits... view abstract

Company: American Express | Published: 28 March 2017 | Business Area: Cash Flow

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A working capital workout

In a survey of global finance executives, 68% saw investing to optimise cash flow as a top priority to grow their enterprises. Companies with good working capital have higher revenue, investment and cash conversion efficiency. The cash is on your balance sheet, but how do you get it moving? A new... view abstract

Company: American Express | Published: 13 February 2017 | Business Area: Working Capital

How to create a win-win for you and your suppliers

Managing cash flow isn’t easy. You want to hold on to your cash for as long as possible to increase your days payable outstanding (DPO), but your suppliers want to receive payments quickly. It’s a pressure felt by businesses all over the world. Thankfully American Express has created a white paper... view abstract

Company: American Express | Published: 06 February 2017 | Business Area: Financial Management

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The CFO Perspective - Building Resilience to Risk

In its annual funding statement earlier this year the Pensions Regulator addressed, for the first time, the importance of cashflow risk management. This is an approach we’ve advocated for some time. As schemes mature, and the amount being paid out increases, it’s even more important that schemes turn... view abstract

Company: Hymans Robertson | Published: 11 January 2017 | Business Area: Corporate Pensions

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Westcoast Case Study:Cashflow Management – Optimising Distribution

In a risk-averse market, with longer payment terms for their customers than those offered by their suppliers, how did a leading IT wholesaler access working capital and stay competitive?

Company: American Express | Published: 05 January 2017 | Business Area: Cash Flow

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Manage your cash flow

The principles of good cash flow management are straightforward. First, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got more money coming in than going out. Money also needs to come in on time, so you can pay suppliers and invest in new stock. Having access to cash also gives you better buying and negotiating... view abstract

Company: Sage 50 | Published: 22 March 2016 | Business Area: Cash Flow

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Five best practices for credit and collections process improvement

Effectively managing credit and collections is key to a company's financial health. Without incoming cashflow, investments and growth can all be stunted. This paper showcases five best practices that can help companies improve their processes, lower DSO, reduce past-due A/R & increase cash flow

Company: SunGard | Published: 01 June 2015 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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What can Europe learn from Asia in improving profitability?

There are many benefits to be gained through evolving financial processes, and the impact can be substantial on profitability. This paper explores why APAC country's openness to adopting new ways of working may soon see them lead the way in working capital management.

Company: Invapay Payment Solutions | Published: 12 May 2015 | Business Area: Cash Flow

New ways to improve cash flow

Cash flow is still one of the most pressing problems that companies face. This article focuses on getting more out of your working capital, the benefits of paying suppliers to 30 day terms and extending your DPO.

Company: Invapay Payment Solutions | Published: 26 March 2015 | Business Area: Working Capital

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