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A framework to reimagine your business in a new digital landscape

Last year, the UK was named the least productive nation in the G7 and latest figures suggest that things have not improved; in fact, some claim these productivity challenges are one of the biggest economic threats facing Britain. At the same time, the intense and constant pace of change caused by... view abstract

Company: Advanced | Published: 27 March 2017 | Business Area: Technology

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Are British business leaders really ready for change?

In the new digital age,one might argue that never before has it been so important for organisations to have the right leadership in place.

Company: Advanced | Published: 06 March 2017 | Business Area: Business Software

So how are UK organisations faring when it comes to their use of digital?

As the digital era provides an opportunity to re-imagine the world in which we live, there is a need for organisations to adapt quickly to the changing demands of customers, suppliers and markets. The key to success in this complex environment is being ‘digitally ready’.

Company: Advanced | Published: 06 March 2017 | Business Area: Business Software

How important is a connected digital infrastructure in delivering customer service?

It’s vital for organisations to understand that being ‘digitally ready’ is about transforming in the right way, often driven by a desire to get closer and more personal with customers. Every communication should be designed so that it’s easy,efficient,and creates a satisfying interaction for them... view abstract

Company: Advanced | Published: 06 March 2017 | Business Area: Business Software

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In the face of unprecedented change, are British businesses ready to adapt?

From the shock reaction to the Brexit vote following the EU referendum through to the upcoming resultsofthe US election, weare acutely awareofthe levelofeconomic uncertaintyandfear facing British businesses. We carried out this survey post Brexit and shortly before the US Presidential election... view abstract

Company: Advanced | Published: 06 March 2017 | Business Area: Business Software

BUSINESS EXPENSES: The road to automation

This Road to Automation report, produced by Financial Director in association with Concur, considers the different tools and methods that finance teams use to manage and control employee spend and supplier invoicing, while assessing how much automation has had an impact on their finance function... view abstract

Company: Concur | Published: 23 February 2017 | Business Area: Technology

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Can Accountants Risk Delaying Investment in IT Technology Any Longer?

In today’s digital age most businesses accept that having the latest technology and equipment is vital to stay ahead of the competition. But according to research conducted by online software provider Xero although accountants recognise the importance of changing with the times, many appear to be... view abstract

Company: Wesleyan Bank | Published: 15 February 2017 | Business Area: IT Planning and Management

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How finance connects company functions to drive smarter decision-making

The message is clear: the modern finance function must move faster, sharing insight about what’s happening now, not what happened yesterday. This is Operational Intelligence.Find out benefits of true operational intelligence and steps you need to take to achieve this goal.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 30 January 2017 | Business Area: Business Software

The Advanced Trends Survey Report 2016

Advanced’s inaugural Trends Report 2016 surveyed over 1,000 professionals across the UK business community during October 2016. The survey aimed to identify the state of readiness amongst British businesses in the face of serious digital disruption, while highlighting the ingredients needed to compete... view abstract

Company: Advanced | Published: 23 January 2017 | Business Area: Business Software

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Achieving the Goals of Accounts Payable Automation

There are excellent reasons to automate the accounts payable (AP) process and many benefits to be gained. In this paper, we will explore the problems with the manual process, the reasons to automate, the goals of automation, how to measure and achieve them, and we will summarise the benefits of... view abstract

Company: ABBYY | Published: 30 November 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

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