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Reduce Spend Through a Successful Purchase-to-Pay Project

This webinar is designed to provide Finance & Accounting professionals the tools to increase efficiencies throughout their purchase to pay process. The main focus will be - collaboration, traceability, reporting and control.

Company: ITESOFT | Published: 28 October 2013 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

Purchase-to-Pay: A Step by Step Guide to the Purchase-to-Pay Process

Real-life, practical examples and suggestions of areas that can be measured in order to improve purchase-to-pay processes, this guide arms you with the knowledge required to transform financial performance.

Company: Basware | Published: 23 July 2013 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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eBook – Purchase to Pay Manifesto

Cash is king. Run out of cash and your business is history. Yet, many finance professionals still don't have the level of visibility and control they'd like. This eBook studies successful purchase to-pay strategies to improve cash flow, get spend under management and achieve operational excellence.

Company: Basware | Published: 26 July 2013 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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Best Practices Whitepaper: Purchase-to-Pay Automation

Planning to automate your p2p processes? The purpose of this document is to provide accounting and finance professionals with the golden rules for implementing a successful p2p project in a step-by-step guide approach. Including collaboration from experts in the field, Accounts Payable News.

Company: ITESOFT | Published: 17 October 2013 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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Flush with cash – putting your cash flow reserves to work in procure- to- pay

This paper looks into ways your company can save money, specifically through a good purchasing card programme, tiered early payment discounting and supply chain finance.

Company: REL | Published: 17 June 2011 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

Inventory management - Don’t be a slob: slow moving or obsolete

One of the core concepts of effective inventory management is the trade-off between the levers of cash, cost and service: balancing the working capital tied up in stocks, the cost of ordering and holding stocks, and the achievement of planning customer service level.

Company: REL | Published: 23 June 2011 | Business Area: Cash Flow

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Guide to ERP software implementation

This guide outlines the basic functionality needed to best support both your accounting needs and manufacturing and distribution processes

Company: Access UK | Published: 20 December 2011 | Business Area: Enterprise Accounting Software

The Changing Face Of Digital Marketing

These are uncertain times – fluid at best, turbulent too often. Yet for the right firms there are wonderful opportunities out there, but there are also many difficulties to be managed, simply in the course of running a practice. However, one thing can be said with certainty: every practice must optimise... view abstract

Company: Insight Marketing | Published: 28 April 2011 | Business Area: Networks and Communications

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Business Fitness for Retail & Wholesale

Welcome to the first in our series of Business Fitness Guides for 2011, focusing on effective cost management strategies in the Retail and Wholesale sector. This booklet is packed with information, advice and tips from consultants who specialise in the retail and wholesale sector – as well as two... view abstract

Company: Expense Reduction Analysts | Published: 05 May 2011 | Business Area: Forensic Services

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National minimum wage: employers must pay the price

The impact of the rise in the national minimum wage which came into force on 1 October is likely to be felt by businesses across the country. However, the consequences are likely to extend much further as employers come under increased scrutiny for using loopholes to avoid paying the minimum wage.

Company: Shoosmiths | Published: 12 October 2011 | Business Area: Enforcement and Regulation

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