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With over 30 years' experience, and a strong emphasis on software development and support, Sage focuses on supporting accountants in practice and their clients, by providing a wide range of products and services that help in the day-to-day running of a successful business.

Today, we have over 250 people dedicated to delivering software specifically for use in practice, including accounts production, taxation and practice management software. We also provide software and solutions for accountants who work in industry.

Through a combination of our people, products and services, Sage can help you with the day-to-day practicalities of running your practice - whether that is ensuring compliance with tax, statutory accounting or industry-specific legislation, or keeping up with the changing technology landscape. In addition to software for use in practice, Sage also develops a wide range of software that you can recommend to your clients to enhance their business. With one in three UK VAT-registered businesses using Sage software there's a good chance some of your clients are already using our accounts, payroll or HR software.

By switching to Sage, you could further increase your practice efficiency and reduce your costs, by having a seamless link between your clients' business systems and your practice.


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Guide to taking on a new employee

When taking on a new employee you need to have a clear, fair selection process. Our guide on taking on a new employee talks about how to find the right employee, how to write a good advert and what to do once you’ve found the right person.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 16 April 2014 | Business Area: People Costs and Risks

Helping small businesses with Real Time Information

Are your clients completing their RTI submissions? If they aren’t they will be facing fines of up to £200 per month commencing in October. We have put together a guide for you to pass on to your clients that will ensure they are prepared for RTI and know what is expected from them by the HMRC.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 15 April 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

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Family-run businesses: 3 warning signs to watch for

There are around three million family run businesses in the UK, so there’s a good chance that your practice has some as clients. Managing a family firm has its own layer of complexity which accountants need to be mindful of. This article focuses on three warning signs to watch out for with clients... view abstract

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 04 April 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

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Opportunities in the Charity Sector

The sector for registered charities is growing every year. According to the Charities Commission, there are currently 60,000 charities with an income of over £25,000 that are required to file accounts. Is this is an emerging market for accountants? This article investigates.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 03 April 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

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A guide to Sage One for accountants

Sage One is an online accounting service that helps accountants to work with their micro or small business clients. Download this product guide for more information on Sage One's features and functionality.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 21 March 2014 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

5 things clients want from their accountant

As an accountancy practice, it's one thing to think you know what services your clients need, but ask them directly and you might be surprised by their responses. Do you regularly ask your clients for feedback? This guide studies five of the most common things SMEs expect from their accountants.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 20 March 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

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Partnerships – LLP Partners with fixed profit share

It is HMRC’s view that many members of LLP’s are not in fact true partners and should be taxed as employees. This article studies the implications of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, which deemed members to be self employed for tax purposes and the criteria for taxation.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 19 March 2014 | Business Area: Employment Tax

What is the best way to charge your clients?

It’s over a decade since Ron Baker urged accountants to ‘burn their timesheets’, igniting a debate about the way services are billed. A decade on and accountants are still divided as to the merits of fixed fee versus hourly billing. This article studies the economic cases for both approaches.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 18 March 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

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Getting your practice online: Phase 3 - Get your practice ready

Are you an online accountant who is looking to help your clients move to a cloud based service? Part three of Sage's guide focuses on becoming a Sage One expert. Topics covered include making the most of your online resources, growing your online client base and introducing add-ons.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 14 March 2014 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

Virtual Financial Officers

Some accountancy practices are actively marketing themselves as ‘virtual finance officers’ as an added-value service. Sage's article studies the emerging role of the virtual finance officer and the key benefits for both accountants and clients.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 28 February 2014 | Business Area: Practice Management

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