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Prophix is a leading developer of innovative performance management solutions designed to automate financial and operational processes, making companies more profitable and reducing their risks. Thousands of finance leaders in nearly one hundred countries use Prophix to empower their organizations and gain valuable insight into business performance.

Prophix and its partners deliver superior value by combining high-end functionality with low cost-of-ownership and fast implementations. With powerful and adaptable solutions built entirely on the Microsoft SQL Server stack, Prophix streamlines budgeting, planning, reporting, consolidation, and more.

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Effective financial management for international expansion

Aberdeen surveyed 200 companies to understand how their financial executives support their international expansion activities. The study revealed that CFOs strive to maintain real-time visibility to financial data and information through a mix of process innovation and technology implementation.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 22 May 2013 | Business Area: Strategy

Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting: Removing the hurdles

This report, based on a survey of over 200 respondents, illustrates best practices for facilitating financial planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. The report focuses on: defining processes; increasing communication and collaboration; enabling visibility and implementing technology.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 13 May 2013 | Business Area: Planning

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Selecting financial automation software to drive IT leadership: An interview with Mike Coulter

Headquarted in Vancouver, Canada, Lush Cosmetics owns 150 retail locations and employs more than 2,000 people. In this interview, Lush's IT Director, Mike Coulter discusses the company's adoption of Corporate Performance Management software and its ability to predict customer purchasing patterns.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 23 April 2013 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting: Leveraging risk-adjusted strategies to enable accuracy

Risk-adjusted strategies are often absent from the critical process of financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. Comprising input from 194 companies, this report analyses CFOs' financial planning, budgeting and forecasting strategies when accounting for risks.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 18 April 2013 | Business Area: Forecasting

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Moving beyond spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are error-prone and unable to support the critical nature of important financial processes. Many companies have broken the spreadsheet habit, adopting packaged applications specifically designed for budgeting and forecasting. This article explains why.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 02 April 2013 | Business Area: Budgeting

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Performance reporting essentials

Reporting is a vital means of communicating internally and externally between key financiers and other stakeholders of an organisation. The ability to report timely, accurate data is an essential component to operating a successful business and ensuring that corporate objectives are achieved.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 27 March 2013 | Business Area: Financial Reporting

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Corporate Performance Management software from a finance perspective

Prophix develops Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software that companies use primarily to manage processes in the finance department. This white paper explains what CPM is, how it offers value to companies, and clarifies the benefits that it can bring to finance departments.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 25 March 2013 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

Enterprise Performance Management for SMBs: Aligning People, Process and Tools to Ensure Success

True enterprise performance management is not just about leveraging data and analytics technology to drive business performance, but about aligning people, processes and tools to achieve strategic objectives. This paper looks at how SMBs can improve decision making by accessing the right data.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 17 September 2012 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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Learn how LUSH Cosmetics Streamlined their Inventory Flow

In this case study Prophix provide details of how they have helped LUSH cosmetics make big savings through improved ROI and the implementation of new software solutions.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 13 September 2012 | Business Area: Enterprise Accounting Software

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting for the SME

The challenges of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises are no different from their larger counterparts when aiming to improve their financial planning. This analyst report uncovers the strategies and capabilities among 118 SMEs used to improve their planning, budgeting and forecasting initiatives.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 11 September 2012 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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