Incorporated in 2000, Mercato has grown its business exponentially, employing a growing mix of world-beating specialist developers, web designers, content managers, project managers and senior sales consultants located in Birmingham, Manchester and Calcutta.
Mercato has been born from a group of business leaders with a shared passion for best practice and delivery on the bottom line.
Fundamentally, Mercato takes complex problems and solves them with a variable mix of data and algorithms before surfacing the solution into an end user experience or ‘tool’. Life begins when data is treated as a first class citizen and tools are applied to that data to unlock the intelligence within.
It is the ubiquitous and powerful combination of Data and Tools that has unlocked a thirst for supporting organisations to do more, better and faster, through relentless transaction automation. This reduces duplication of effort and releases employee time that can be better deployed in higher-value processes that require human intelligence.
The business has considerable credentials and global acknowledgements in technology, development and project management.
Mercato is a multi-million pound concern that facilitates transformation across a variety of private and public sector organisations right through to global brands operating within hugely volatile world-wide supply chains.

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Price Discovery: A process that brought down the banks is helping IT buyers’ secure better deals and deliver cost reduction.

It is the “efficient market” at the core of the price discovery process that enables buyers and sellers to unearth price and act with haste. This is the focus of this paper and how IT buyers are using aggregation technology to keep ahead of the volatile IT market.

Company: Mercato  | Published: 15 June 2011 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

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