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Our overriding aim is to act, and be regarded as, long-term trusted advisers to your business or organisation. Everything about us – from the way we are structured, to the way we invest in people – is driven by this principle. It begins with our core values of professionalism, integrity, quality, development and approachability. Throughout our working relationship with you, you will see these values in action, not mere words but an essential part of Crowe Clark Whitehill’s culture.

To guarantee the highest levels of audit, tax and advisory service wherever you do business, we are structured in a way that delivers concentrated Partner involvement across our eight offices nationwide. Increasingly, though, organisations operate internationally, with transactions crossing legislative and financial borders. As a leading and influential member of Crowe Horwath International, a network of 140 independent accountancy and advisory service firms in more than 100 countries, Crowe Clark Whitehill is ideally placed to offer you a seamless global service.

The quality of our work is a point of pride for us, and we have long been regarded as technical experts in our chosen areas:

• Corporate Business
• Not for Profit
• Professional Practice
• Pension Funds
• Private Clients

We develop people for long-term careers with us, at whatever level they join, with training programmes to encourage expert technical, business and interpersonal skills and coaching in the way we do things. In this way, every Partner and member of staff has a good model for understanding your business, its developmental needs and the principle of adding value.
From the outset, we take our lead from you; taking time to understand your hopes, concerns, objectives and ultimate goals, and the best ways to work and communicate with you. Together, our values and culture make us good independent advisers, providers, trainers and friends to your business – no matter where in the world you may be.

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Research and development tax incentives: Guidance for your business

Research and development (R&D) tax incentives are one of a number of measures introduced by the government to make the UK a more competitive place to do business. This whitepaper provides guidance to businesses on available tax incentives and making R&D claims.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 06 February 2015 | Business Area: Corporation Tax

VAT Update: September 2014

In the September issue of VAT Update we comment on the problems that can arise when contractual terms fail to confirm whether the price agreed on a deal is inclusive or exclusive of VAT chargeable. This can result in contractual disputes, which have to be pursued through the civil courts.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 25 September 2014 | Business Area: VAT and Sales Tax

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Inheritance tax in a nutshell - A simple guide to protecting your estate for future generations

Download this simple guide on inheritance tax helping you keep up to date with the constantly changing tax legislation.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 12 June 2014 | Business Area: Inheritance Tax

Rating: 30 people found this useful

Notes to the VAT return guide

Are you trading with businesses outside the UK? If so, have you considered the VAT implications? Download this article to find out more.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 22 November 2013 | Business Area: VAT and Sales Tax

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Are your assets tax efficient? Helping your business make the most of its assets

Assets depreciate, they cost money to maintain, you’re always being told you need to invest valuable cash in new ones, some of them you can’t even see, but they're crucial to your business. This whitepaper provides advice on how businesses can make the most of their assets and available tax reliefs... view abstract

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 13 November 2013 | Business Area: Planning

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Employers Digest: April 2013

This guide covers everything you need to know about employment taxes and things HMRC expects from you as an employer. Topics covered: officeholders and IR35; RTI for expats; mobile workers case study and budget round-up.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 10 June 2013 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

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Employers' Digest: November 2012

This newsletter contains information you need to know about employment taxes and things HMRC expects from you as an employer. Topics covered this month include: national insurance contribution refunds for car allowances; HMRC spotlight on clerks to governors; plus case updates.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 29 November 2012 | Business Area: Employment Tax

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Corporates Quarterly: Autumn 2012

Crowe Clark Whitehill's quarterly newsletter addressing current market issues in the Corporate Business sector. Autumn's edition covers: keeping your bank onside; real time information - it will happen to us all; retail distribution review and top tips for managing insolvency.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 13 November 2012 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

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Budget 2011 - Professional Practice Group

This briefing from Crowe Clark Whitehill provides advice for professional practice groups on the most recent budget announcements.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 08 August 2011 | Business Area: Income Tax

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Budget 2011 - Corporate Business

This paper from Crowe Clark Whitehill looks at the areas of the most recent budget that will affect corporate business.

Company: Crowe Clark Whitehill | Published: 08 August 2011 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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