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Chase Paymentech, the payment processing and merchant acquiring business of JPMorgan Chase (JPMC), is a leading provider of merchant services. The company's proprietary platforms enable integrated solutions for all payment types, including credit, debit, prepaid stored value and electronic check processing; as well as digital, alternative and mobile payment options. Chase Paymentech has uniquely combined proven payment technology with a long legacy of merchant advocacy that creates quantifiable value for companies large and small. In 2012, Chase Paymentech processed 29.5 billion transactions with a value of $655.2 billion, including an estimated half of all global Internet transactions. In addition to the ability to authorize transactions in more than 130 currencies, the company provides business analytics and information services, fraud detection and data security solutions.


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Sharpen your e-commerce edge: infographic

An easier-to-use checkout and a feeling that the payment is going to be secure can contribute to a more satisfying customer experience.

Company: Chase Paymentech | Published: 13 July 2015 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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Sharpen your ecommerce edge

Differentiation has become a key asset for brands. In this paper, we review initiatives that can help you develop a solution to protect and optimise your business and ultimately sharpen your ecommerce edge.

Company: Chase Paymentech | Published: 25 June 2015 | Business Area: Security Solutions

Fraud prevention in m-commerce: are you future proofed?

With UK consumers continuing to embrace m-commerce at an astonishing speed, determined fraudsters are seeing new opportunities. This paper suggests ways e-tailers adopt a strategic approach to mobile fraud.

Company: Chase Paymentech | Published: 19 June 2015 | Business Area: Risk Management

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M-commerce Info graphic

Understanding and having a plan for mobile commerce should be a key feature in your business strategy. This info graphic explains why. Topics covered: seven tips to decrease online cart abandonment; top three biggest frustrations and why customers leave.

Company: Chase Paymentech | Published: 15 July 2013 | Business Area: Technology Trends

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Open the door to international e-commerce

With the opportunity of cross-border sales growing we provide essential advice and insights into the challenges faced by merchants in planning international expansion and achieving success overseas.

Company: Chase Paymentech | Published: 12 July 2013 | Business Area: Technology Trends

Uncovering five myths about m-commerce

For retailers, the phenomenal growth in the use of mobile devices offers significant opportunities. Yet, along with optimistic predictions for m-commerce, there are just as many misconceptions.

Company: Chase Paymentech | Published: 11 July 2013 | Business Area: IT Planning and Management

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