Accountagility provides a full suite of solutions specifically designed to meet some of the most widely faced challenges in finance, including planning and forecasting, reporting, period end close and expense allocations.

Accountagility helps companies accelerate business performance, reduce risk and deliver cost savings of up to 80% by improving operations including planning and forecasting, reporting, period end close, expense allocations and group finance consolidation.

The Accountagility team are comprised of finance experts with extensive IT expertise. This allows organisations to be confident that their finance requirements will be translated accurately into technical terms and project results.

Accountagility’s solutions are rich with practical, time-saving features that enable organisations to optimise their performance and agility by:

• Improving business flexibility through faster information turnaround
• Adding value through automating manual or spreadsheet-based processes
• Enabling staff to concentrate on more valuable activities
• Keeping up to date with key compliance issues

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Just three months after Solvency II came into effect, the cracks are beginning to show amongst firms that are filing their solvency returns for the first time, with research from our recent research showing that 73% of CFOs are concerned about their reliance on spreadsheets.

Company: Accountagility | Published: 29 March 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

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9 out of 10 businesses close month end cycle early

ARE CLOSING PROCESES TIEING YOU UP LIKE A GORDIAN KNOT? The month end close process is a recurring challenge for Finance departments, many of whom manage multiple P&Ls, balance sheets and data sources. International structures pose additional demands, making the whole process as complicated as untying... view abstract

Company: Accountagility | Published: 26 February 2016 | Business Area: Corporate Finance

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17% of Large Businesses Blame Bad Spreadsheets for Financial Loss

Quick, flexible, and easy to use. It’s no wonder spreadsheets are one of the most widely used tools in the Finance function. But research has confirmed over 79% of CFO’s are concerned about the reliance of them. This article describes how you can eradicate spreadsheets from being harmful to your... view abstract

Company: Accountagility | Published: 09 February 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

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70% of CFOs Call For More Financial Planning

The majority of finance departments conduct planning processes just twice a year; and some restrict planning to only once a year. This article describes how you can overcome inefficiencies and over-complicated systems in order to make your planning process more efficient.

Company: Accountagility | Published: 26 January 2016 | Business Area: Planning

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