AccessPay uses technology to challenge the status quo in payments, cash management and treasury systems. We specialise in BACs RTI and SEPA Payments and Direct Debit Collections offering our customers ultimate control on their cash flow.

Our cloud based solutions speed up financial reporting, reduce errors and use straight-through-payments processing to cut costs.

Our 30 years of combined industry experience helped us see what others didn't; namely, that too many people are paying more than they should for payment and cash management tools that don't even offer the flexibility, security or scalability that today's world demands. Take control of your business and let AccessPay reinvent your financial productivity. Total Control. Total Productivity.

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Transform the way you receive payments with a Direct Debit Management System

AccessPay’s next-generation Direct Debit Management Software saves businesses time and money. Use it to gain greater control over your cash flow, reduce costs and save valuable time through automated monthly collections.

Company: Accesspay | Published: 04 September 2013 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

7 cash flow warning signs every CFO should recognise

How many of these 7 cash flow warning signs do you recognise? These are the areas in a business where good cash management is most likely to be lacking. The CFO that tackles these issues will not only improve the performance of their business, but also their own standing in the company.

Company: Accesspay | Published: 02 September 2013 | Business Area: Working Capital

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