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Access will give you the advice, tools and clarity you need to make effective decisions, quickly and with certainty.

As both a business-focused consultancy and a specialist software developer, we combine our innovative award-winning software with practical experience to deliver a solution that’s exactly right for you and your business.

Simple, proven & relevant
You can rely on us to provide you with a solution that’s simple, proven and relevant to your industry. We’ve over fifteen years’ experience of software development here in the UK and our regional consultants have implemented this software all over the UK, and in Ireland. The expertise we’ve gained gives us an unbeatable ability to accurately assess and deliver to your needs.

Flexibility for the future
Because your business will constantly evolve, we provide a software solution that grows with you. Our modular software covers a complete range of business, financial and administrative processes and can be flexed to give you the precise view of your business that you need at any time.

Going forward, our supportive consultants will work with you to constantly improve your business processes. Their first-class software expertise and in-depth industry knowledge ensures that your solution delivers a continual return on investment.

Looking ahead
We believe your solution must be ready for the future, as well as right for today. We design and own our software, so we can continually innovate to meet your changing needs, as well as those of your industry. For instance, we worked with the Carbon Trust and DEFRA to create a way for your organisation to measure its carbon footprint without adding extra administration or complexity to your current processes.

We’ve won many awards over the years and have once again been voted best ‘Mid-tier Software Package’ at the Accountancy Age awards and also separately by our customers. All our software is accredited by industry bodies including the Inland Revenue, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Business Software Developers Association and Microsoft.

Reach your business goals
We are driven to deliver high-impact, straightforward solutions. We believe in sustainable business and demonstrate best practice. We are committed to reducing our own environmental impact. We want to help make your business more competitive and successful. With Access, you can be sure you’ve got the clarity you need to reach your business goals.

Access specialise in white papers and case studies covering finance software and services, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Access also have analyst reports that highlight topics such as finance and corporate information management.

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Time to reduce your profit leaks?

Profit leaks within mid-market organisations across the UK are proving a huge cause for concern. This free guide from Access examines where profit leaks happen and how they can be stopped.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 22 May 2013 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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Controlling your bid team: Essential advice for the FD

A thriving sales team may sound great but a poorly managed bid process can cause havoc with delivery and cashflow. This guide will talk you through some useful strategies to win business without killing yours.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 26 April 2013 | Business Area: Practice Management

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A director's guide: The case for new financials

It can be tricky to find both the time and inclination to build a business case. This guide by business expert Mike Holmes will help you step back from daily frustrations, providing an easy-to-follow methodology that will help you build business-wide confidence in your proposal.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 23 April 2013 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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Overcoming the cash flow forecasting challenge

The ability to accurately forecast future cash flow is essential, yet hindered by outdated and unreliable tools. This useful guide explains how today's made-for-purpose solutions can beat the spreadsheet trap and give you reliable figures at the click of a button.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 18 April 2013 | Business Area: Forecasting

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A director’s guide: How to empower your finance team

As an FD, you're constantly called upon to provide the vital stats needed for decision-making - facts which are used to increase productivity and save money across the business. Access UK provide a free guide for FDs on how to get the best from their accounts system and Finance team.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 15 April 2013 | Business Area: Business Intelligence

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Dispelling the Myth: Talent Management in the Mid-Market

Talent matters. That’s as true for medium-sized businesses (MSBs) as it is for large enterprises – if not more so.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 12 April 2013 | Business Area: Managing Your People

Beyond Finance: Seven ways web technology can energise your business

With the explosion of affordable, web-based technology, anyone with an iPad can now access timely, accurate business metrics. This guide explains how opening up your business solution to the web can make your entire organisation more agile and responsive.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 01 April 2013 | Business Area: Technology Trends

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Unlock your cash flow potential

Debtors are a fact of life for most businesses and inefficient collections can be costly for cash flow. Without cash flow, even profitable companies can struggle to fund growth and may even go out of business. This guide from Access explores eight steps you can take to reducing slow payers.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 26 February 2013 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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Gain a greater return on your recruitment spend: 10 ways to reduce costs

Measures to reduce recruitment costs are well documented. The purpose of this guide is to focus on the role of technology, specifically, how HR software can help you gain greater return on your recruitment spend.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 05 September 2012 | Business Area: People Costs and Risks

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A director's guide: How to choose a payroll system

The purpose of this whitepaper is to help you realise that a good payroll system will do far more than pay your people on time. Correctly implemented, it will save you time, money and add value to other areas of the business.

Company: Access UK  | Published: 29 August 2012 | Business Area: Payroll and HR Software

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