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New FRS - Your Next Steps part III

We put a spotlight on our free ‘New UK GAAP Impact Calculator Tool’, designed to help you figure out exactly how much time and money each of your clients’ FRS transitions will expend. We also consider how IRIS software can improve efficiency to release time for FRS transitioning; indeed, IRIS customers... view abstract

Company: IRIS | Published: 30 August 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

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Defusing the UCIS time bomb

UCIS aren't subject to the same restrictions as other investment vehicles, and even though a scheme isn't authorised, advising on or managing the schemes remains a regulated activity. This whitepaper uncovers complex investment schemes, detailing the risks and impact of making such an investment.

Company: Rebus Group | Published: 23 September 2013 | Business Area: Practice Management

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The Bribery Act 2010 – a practical guide for pension trustees

This paper from Capita Fiduciary Group provides an overview of the 2010 Bribery Act and looks the implications it will have on your company.

Company: Capita Fiduciary Group | Published: 13 September 2011 | Business Area: Corporate Pensions

VAT briefing: Upper Tier Tribunal overturns ruling

This case study from Saffrey Champness investigates the recent overturning of the VAT ruling against Med Hotels.

Company: Saffery Champness | Published: 05 August 2011 | Business Area: VAT and Sales Tax

Business Update – July 2011

In the July issue of their business update, Saffrey Champness provides insight into some relevant and current business topics.

Company: Saffery Champness | Published: 05 August 2011 | Business Area: Corporate Finance

The resilience to fraud of the UK public sector

This report considers how well the UK Public Sector protects itself against fraud. It is the most comprehensive report of its type ever undertaken.

Company: PKF | Published: 06 June 2011 | Business Area: Public Sector

Intelligence paper - Recruitment: still on life support?

With several months of flat or rising unemployment, currently standing at around 2.5 million, many of the expectations back in 2009 that the figure would breach the 2 million mark, have not become a reality. This paper looks at how to protect your business and how to successfully adapt to the recession... view abstract

Company: MCR | Published: 02 June 2011 | Business Area: People Costs and Risks

A hardy perennial: classification of corporate receipts and discovery principles

In October 2010 the First-tier Tribunal (Tax) reached a decision in the case of (1) Trustees of the Bessie Taube Discretionary Settlement Trust, (2) Trustees of the Raymond Taube Discretionary Settlement Trust and (3) Raymond Taube v HMRC. There were two points at issue: first, how a corporate receipt... view abstract

Company: Bircham Dyson Bell | Published: 10 May 2011 | Business Area: Inheritance Tax

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A guide to reducing operating costs - Issue 1: Property and Premises

Occupying, running and maintaining property is one of the largest areas of expenditure for any business. Whether you lease a state-of-the-art city centre HQ, own a commercial unit on an out of-town business park or manage a multi-site estate across the country, the cost of your business premises... view abstract

Company: Expense Reduction Analysts | Published: 05 May 2011 | Business Area: Legal Services

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Business Structures - Which Should I Use?

Having made the decision to be your own boss, it is important to decide the best legal and taxation structure for your enterprise. The most suitable structure for you will depend on your personal situation and your future plans. The decision you make will have repercussions on the way you are taxed... view abstract

Company: Mitten Clarke | Published: 04 May 2011 | Business Area: Planning

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