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4 signs your finance system prevents more efficient processes

CFOs must have a clear view of the most relevant financial data that drives their business decisions on a daily basis. More than that, they need to know without a doubt that the data and reports they receive are consistent across departments and over time. The biggest problem is that too many CFOs... view abstract

Company: Unit4 Business Software | Published: 03 April 2017 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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5 Great Reasons to Move your Expenses to the Cloud

How can the finance team drive greater efficiency, free up employees’ time and save valuable cash for the business? The answer lies in the cloud. Take a look at these 5 unique ways your business could see big benefits by moving its expenses into the cloud.

Company: Concur | Published: 21 June 2016 | Business Area: Budgeting

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Budget 2016: Beneficial for your small business clients (and you)

George Osborne’s 2016 Budget has paved the way for you to begin introducing vital advisory services to your clients. This blog post looks at how your small business clients will benefit the most and the positive knock-on effect this will have on your practice.

Company: IRIS | Published: 09 June 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

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Customer Story Hymans Robertson LLP

Using Prophix’s software, Hymans’ Finance Department has improved the accuracy of the company’s planning by accessing data directly from their Aderant ERP - they have reduced the risk of collecting and consolidating data from multiple sources. Find out more...

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 09 May 2016 | Business Area: Budgeting

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How to make the most of the Budget

The Budget is the key financial event of the year and the one everyone will be talking about. The announcements will affect your clients directly. But why should you invest in your own marketing around the Budget when much of the detail will be covered in the press? How can you make the most of this... view abstract

Company: Taxbriefs Ltd | Published: 04 March 2016 | Business Area: Budgeting

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5 key changes of the new 2016-2017 tax tables

Rumours are rife around Budget 2016 and what the Chancellor will do on pensions tax relief among other issues. But we already know some of the key changes to tax rates and allowances that will affect your clients. How can you provide a practical tax resource within your communication strategy?

Company: Taxbriefs Ltd | Published: 04 March 2016 | Business Area: Tax

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Tapping into the power of integrated financial planning

In this dynamic business environment, companies have to innovate and grow in order to survive. This paper outlines the benefits and costs of Integrated Financial Planning so that any senior financial professional can determine when to consider unifying technology solutions. Download to learn more.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 19 January 2016 | Business Area: Financial Management

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7 ways to reduce the time you spend on budgeting.

Budgeting… As your company evolves, you have to devote more and more time to preparing your budgets. This Best Practices whitepaper outlines specific actions that you and your teams can take to make your budgeting process more efficient. Download to find out more.

Company: Prophix Software | Published: 19 January 2016 | Business Area: Budgeting

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Closing the gap – the real cost of the proposed dividend changes

George Osborne revealed a shake-up in the way dividend income is taxed in the Summer Budget 2015. Limited company owners are now paying the price, learn more in this free guidance note that provides practical insights into what may come next. Download your copy to read more.

Company: Tolley | Published: 09 October 2015 | Business Area: Budgeting

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Summer budget 2015: A big Budget for a country with big ambitions

In this edition, Wolters Kluwer's team of in-house tax writers provide a detailed assessment of chancellor George Osbourne's summer budget. This insight provides a break down of all its important aspects, to help you confidently assess the implications of the proposals laid out in the 2015 Summer... view abstract

Company: Wolters Kluwer | Published: 13 July 2015 | Business Area: Budgeting

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