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Cloud Delivers 2.1 Times more ROI - Nucleus Research

In a recent analysis Nucleus found that cloud application projects deliver 2.1 times the ROI of on-premise ones – up 24 percent since 2012. Cloud applications use 91 percent less energy than on-premise ones

Company: Oracle | Published: 25 July 2016 | Business Area: Business Software

9 tips to become the strategic accountant your clients are looking for

The accountancy world is evolving and don’t we know it. You can’t miss the articles, blogs and books about the latest trends. And you’ve probably seen the impact of these changes at first hand in your own practice. The latest technologies have transformed financial accounting into a commodity. All... view abstract

Company: Exact Software | Published: 12 July 2016 | Business Area: Business Software

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AP Automation: The end of the supplier invoice merry-go-round

Although we live in a digital age, many business processes, including supplier invoices, are still plagued by paper. This white paper addresses the flaws of the paper/email method and how it opens the business up to errors and risks. Learn how AP automation can relieve your business of such risks... view abstract

Company: Concur | Published: 29 June 2016 | Business Area: Accountancy

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Seven ways the cloud can benefit your business

Unsure of what your business requirements could be in a year’s time, or reluctant to invest a lump sum in software that may prove little more than hype? You’re not alone. The beauty of the cloud is that it enables you to ‘try before you buy’, as well as keep track with the latest software innovations... view abstract

Company: Sage 200 | Published: 23 March 2016 | Business Area: Cloud Computing

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Case study: growing Greumach practice with PTP and cloud solutions

This case study explores the customer profile of Andrew Graham, and how his business thrived when he adopted PTP and cloud software solutions. Find out about how moving clients onto the cloud enabled his business to excel forwards and expand business prospects. Download to find out more.

Company: IRIS | Published: 24 November 2015 | Business Area: Business Software

Serve up your data faster: advantage finance leaders

The speed at which rich match insight is served by the All England Lawn Tennis Club at The Championship, Wimbledon is something Finance Leaders can take a lesson from. Read the highlights here in this blog post.

Company: IBM | Published: 06 October 2015 | Business Area: Financial Management

How to create an expenses process everyone loves and helps achieve your business goals

Join Financial Director and Concur, the expense management solutions provider, to discuss how the cloud and mobile is transforming the way companies manage employee expenses.

Company: Concur | Published: 07 July 2015 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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Fast, good and cheap - why CFOs are moving financial systems to the cloud

Read this white paper to find out why CFOs are moving financial systems to the cloud, how to access the risks and why you don’t want to be left behind.

Company: Infor | Published: 07 July 2015 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

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What can Europe learn from Asia in improving profitability?

There are many benefits to be gained through evolving financial processes, and the impact can be substantial on profitability. This paper explores why APAC country's openness to adopting new ways of working may soon see them lead the way in working capital management.

Company: Invapay Payment Solutions | Published: 12 May 2015 | Business Area: Cash Flow

5 ways cloud security beats what you have on-premise

Cloud-based computing is often more secure than on-premise computing for businesses. It’s like elevating your security from a humble, DIY tree fort to the sophistication of Fort Knox. This white paper explores what cloud offers.

Company: Infor | Published: 05 March 2015 | Business Area: Cloud Computing

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