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An Introduction to BEPS

A handy reference guide for busy CFOs, Heads of Tax, Tax Managers and other finance professionals: Download your free copy here

Company: Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting UK | Published: 20 April 2016 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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THE DIGITAL FINANCE IMPERATIVE: Measure and manage what matters next

Digitisation and globalisation cause commoditisation and threaten established business models. Intangible assets – such as brands, customer relationships, intellectual property and human capital – have become the main value drivers in business. Consequently, business leaders may need to adapt their... view abstract

Company: Oracle | Published: 18 April 2016 | Business Area: Financial Management

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Supporting Workplace Productivity with Business Software

A recent survey conducted by CDW assessing the impact mobile devices are having on business found that 94% of 752 business employees believe their mobile devices make them more efficient. Therefore, mobility in the workplace becomes a vital factor in giving employees the tools they need to be as... view abstract

Company: Sage X3 | Published: 14 April 2016 | Business Area: Business Software

Seven ways the cloud can benefit your business

Unsure of what your business requirements could be in a year’s time, or reluctant to invest a lump sum in software that may prove little more than hype? You’re not alone. The beauty of the cloud is that it enables you to ‘try before you buy’, as well as keep track with the latest software innovations... view abstract

Company: Sage 200 | Published: 23 March 2016 | Business Area: Cloud Computing

5 ways to take control of employee spend

Employee expenses are expensive. Supplier invoices – inefficient. Here are 5 simple ways you can take control of your employee spend.

Company: Concur | Published: 25 January 2016 | Business Area: Financial Management

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Expenses, VAT and HMRC compliance in a nutshell.

Here is a comprehensive guide to expenses, VAT and HMRC compliance. When it comes to these guidelines, it is not always clear what best-practice is, or even what the rules truly mean. This guide looks to provide unambiguous, helpful advice within both internal and HMRC guidelines.

Company: Concur | Published: 25 January 2016 | Business Area: Pensions and Employee Benefits

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How to create an expenses policy template

Having proper guidelines in place is critical to maintaining control when it comes to employee travel and expenses. This quick guide shows you how to create or improve your own business expenses policy.

Company: Concur | Published: 14 December 2015 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

The Essential Guide to Managing Expenses

Are you still using spreadsheets for your expenses… why not automate? Explore ‘The Essential Guide to Managing Expenses in the UK’, and find out how technology can enable you to streamline your expenses process, whilst saving your employees valuable administration time and your organisation money... view abstract

Company: Concur | Published: 14 December 2015 | Business Area: Enterprise Accounting Software

Case study: growing Greumach practice with PTP and cloud solutions

This case study explores the customer profile of Andrew Graham, and how his business thrived when he adopted PTP and cloud software solutions. Find out about how moving clients onto the cloud enabled his business to excel forwards and expand business prospects. Download to find out more.

Company: IRIS | Published: 24 November 2015 | Business Area: Business Software

What if accounts payable had three wishes?

A single supplier invoice ties up an average of 15 people on its journey. How does your process compare?

Company: Concur | Published: 23 November 2015 | Business Area: Finance and Accounting

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