Business Recovery/Insolvency

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Business Recovery/Insolvency

SunGard credit & collections global benchmarking study 2015

Download the 2015 report to discover more about why achieving automation in credit and collection processes is a vital way to manage increasing volumes of invoices

Company: SunGard | Published: 25 June 2015 | Business Area: Business Performance Management

The local authority insolvency jargon buster

A handy A-Z guide aimed at recovery staff to explain those confusing technical terms often used in the world of insolvency.

Company: Smith and Williamson | Published: 18 February 2015 | Business Area: Business Recovery/Insolvency

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Tax focus - May 2014

This paper provides a summary of current tax issues for companies. In this issue: intellectual property office report; register of company beneficial ownership; modernisation of corporate debt rules; exemption from stamp duty for growth markets.

Company: Smith and Williamson | Published: 09 June 2014 | Business Area: Stamp and Transfer Duties

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Restructuring and recovery - Spring 2014

In this issue: Survival in the voluntary sector - Seven ways to succeed in a tough environment; Profile: Nick Elliott - Our new restructuring and recovery partner; Adapt and prosper - Independent schools grapple with change; Cyprus after the crisis - International summit report from Nicosia.

Company: Smith and Williamson | Published: 08 May 2014 | Business Area: Business Recovery/Insolvency

Top regulators put forward post-crunch proposals to suspend swap termination rights

A recent letter from Bank of England governor Mark Carney to the ISDA, countersigned by regulators from the US, Germany and Switzerland, looked at the possibility of short-term suspension of swap termination rights, in the latest post-crunch move to guard against global financial instability.

Company: Macfarlanes | Published: 14 November 2013 | Business Area: Business Recovery/Insolvency

Ten ways to improve cash flow

The saying “revenue is vanity, cash flow is sanity and cash flow is king” was coined by a very wise, and probably successful, businessman. Vital to the health of any firm, cash flow ensures survival even when times are slow. This paper studies ten ways to improve your organisation's cash flow.

Company: Sage Group Plc | Published: 13 November 2013 | Business Area: Working Capital

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The global employer - a round-up of recent legal developments for multinational employers

This Baker & McKenzie briefing includes a collection of articles on legal developments across nine jurisdictions - including the UK, US, France, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Switzerland and Spain - which examine changes to employment law and explore recent developments in compensation and benefits.

Company: Baker & McKenzie | Published: 06 November 2013 | Business Area: NI and Social Security

The companies you keep - five steps to manage third-party risk in global supply chains

Senior executives believe reputational risk is an even greater consideration than cost when choosing suppliers and partners, according to new Baker & McKenzie research. The study, which canvassed 100 top executives, looks at the key risks that businesses face when working with third party providers.

Company: Baker & McKenzie | Published: 04 November 2013 | Business Area: Customs Duties

Key issues for North American companies doing business in the UK

This newsletter from Nabarro rounds up key issues for North American companies doing business in the UK, including the EU's upcoming review of personal data transfers to the US, pension debts on insolvency, and the 10 things you need to know about the European Market Infrastructure Regulation.

Company: Nabarro | Published: 01 November 2013 | Business Area: Business Recovery/Insolvency

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Cities of gold? Fraud and corruption in emerging markets: a survival guide

Emerging markets are enticing for any firm looking to expand, but they also present a number of difficulties for the unprepared. This survey from Legal Week in association with Kroll demonstrates how a little knowledge of a country prior to investment can go a very long way.

Company: Kroll | Published: 10 October 2013 | Business Area: Enforcement and Regulation

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