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If You’re Thinking Of Retiring, Are Your Clients?


No doubt many of your clients will also be thinking of eventual disposal in view of the same problem. Some of the younger ones of course will be thinking of acquisition. The whole matter is of course, being driven by Baby Boomers who are endemic throughout, not only the profession, but also throughout industry and commerce. There is no doubt that many of your clients will be thinking of eventual disposal (hopefully for some sort of profit). The younger ones, of course, will be thinking more in terms of acquisition.

Many businesses that are looked after by accountants are not in fact saleable. Many of your clients will have lifestyle businesses, and there is little to sell at the end of the day. However, there are sufficient numbers of quality businesses around that are capable of being sold often for very substantial prices. You as the accountant therefore, should be at the forefront of helping your clients in this particularly interesting area. For those of you that receive this or read it on our website, and are not comfortable with dealing with this particular area, then do contact Goldsmiths direct as we can assist you with that process. We do have the ability to introduce your clients to potential buyers and sellers of businesses and would be pleased to make suitable arrangements on your behalf.

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