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Webcast: Integrated practice communications - Why integration is the key


In today's accounting practice, the sheer volume of data in circulation presents a challenge - how do you manage this information and all the work associated with it? In this 20 minute webcast we demonstrate an approach called "Integrated Practice Communications".

Integrated Practice Communications makes use of the fact that more and more of this data exists in a digital format. By bringing together all types of practice communication into a single system, fully integrated with your compliance software, you can:

- Improve the efficiency of the entire communications cycle.
- Increase the visibility of information across the practice.
- Create opportunities to improve business efficiency and drive growth.
- Encourage client collaboration.

Watch our 20 minute webcast to find out:

- How to integrate internal and external communications.
- How to collect information securely from your clients.
- How to manage all messages and data from a single system.
- How document creation can trigger workflows that are automatically monitored and tracked.
- How managing KPIs helps you to spot issues before they become problems.



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