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Ward Williams story on growing their business with IRIS OpenResourcing


Phil Grainger, managing director of Ward Williams, traces how the firm’s use of the service has expanded over time: “Initially, we called on IRIS OpenResourcing for about 200 hours of work over the first couple of years. It’s worked so well that today, in our ninth year of using the service, we use that number of hours every month.” Asked to quantify the savings accrued by using IRIS OpenResourcing, Phil says: “If you crunch the numbers, it saves us the cost of employing two people, who would be on a salary of £20,000 to £25,000 per person per year, plus all the associated overheads. It makes sound economic sense for us to use IRIS OpenResourcing.”

Phil is clear about the benefits: “IRIS OpenResourcing has become an integral part of Ward Williams and a valued extension of our team. It’s like having additional employees who work in exactly the same way as we do and to our standards, but without the overheads.”

Solution summary:

• A flexible service that allows the firm to take on more client work without increasing overheads.

• Access to highly professional, UK-trained staff.

• Working papers produced to a consistently high quality.

• Complete control over costs, with a clear, predictable pricing structure.

For a more in-depth look at this case study, please download it here.

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