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Transform the way you receive payments with a Direct Debit Management System


Direct Debits are the UK's favourite way to make payments automatically. More than 3.4 billion Direct Debit payments were processed in 2012. Consumers see it as a simple, convenient and safe system.

Direct Debits offer a golden opportunity for CFOs to increase customer retention and improve the cash flow of their business. But they won't achieve this using outdated systems with inadequate reporting. That's where AccessPay's next-generation Direct Debit Management solution comes in...

AccessPay's cloud-based Direct Debit Management software has been designed to streamline, automate and modernise the Direct Debit process, helping CFOs to achieve significant cost savings and increase efficiency. Some of the key benefits are:
• Improved Cash Flow
• Flexibility
• Customer Satisfaction
• More Control
• Easier Reconciliation
• Cloud Technology

Download the full document for more detail on how these benefits can help your business transform the way it receives payments - along with 17 Top Features that sets the Cloud based Direct Debit Management System apart!


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