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Sustainability - money cannot be eaten


Sustainability is the capacity to endure; it is the survival of future generations and the associated need for the long term maintenance of the well being of the earth. This has environmental, economic and social dimensions for all mankind.

HW Fisher & Company are not about to save mankind or the planet, but we can help. The core element of sustainability for business is in reducing the risks to cash flow. In hard economic climates it is the capacity to survive as well as the ability to position and plan for better times, which distinguishes an economically sustainable business from the competition. Today every business is battening down the hatches and seeking to reduce the 4 areas of risk to their cash flow. Companies need to ensure they have:

• Durable and sustainable suppliers.

• A strong reputation for its environmental and sustainability policy.

• Complied with regulations or today’s moral codes both litigation and reputation.

• Consider the sustainability of its physical environment otherwise like the Cree tribe one day it will find itself without sufficient wood, water, fuel or food to remain viable and as it says on the poster it is only then they discover that ‘money cannot be eaten’.

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