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Structuring Multinational Insurance Programmes


When designing and implementing a multinational insurance programme that insures the risks of directors and officers in international jurisdictions, clients, brokers and insurers should be aware of how D&O insurance is structured and whether such a structure will meet the needs and expectations of a company's directors and officers around the world.

Buyers and brokers of any multinational programme should work with a global insurer and independent financial, legal and tax advisers that maintain a local presence in the major jurisdictions where the multinational enterprise has interests. Multinational insurance buyers also need to understand the structure of their enterprise and the impact such structure has in connection with insurance protection.

This paper will look at:

• Where does the enterprise directly and indirectly conduct business,
• Where does the enterprise have (or intend to have) shares publicly traded,
• Where does the enterprise expect insurance protection - for the main board only or does the enterprise expect insurance coverage to extend across the world; and, ultimately, where does the enterprise's debt and credit financing reside?

An experienced, independent team of accounting, legal, tax and financial specialists can help structure a comprehensive and global insurance programme that fits the specific needs and goals of a multinational enterprise. To find out more download the free whitepaper.


Tags: Accounting, Insurance, liability Insurence, Cross-Border, multinational insurance.

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