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Seize the day - Take a fresh look at pension de-risking


The pension risk transfer market has evolved rapidly over the last few years. It is no longer the case that schemes are too big to consider any kind of insurance and the number of organisations willing to write business in this area has increased significantly. This revitalised market has driven innovation and one of the latest developments is an evolving technique sometimes called a ‘synthetic buy-in’. Here, specific liabilities can potentially be hedged at attractive prices, making it possible for pension schemes to reduce their exposure to investment, inflation and demographic risks in a way that, while requiring additional governance, may not require significant additional outlay.

To read the rest of this white paper please download the briefing. Sections include;
- Conventional de-risking
- What is a synthetic buy-in?
- Who might benefit?
- Pros and cons
- Who has done this?

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