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The rules of engagement: An introduction to the world of Engagement Marketing


This new era in marketing is completely transforming the way companies go out and win new business. Companies that used to try and influence consumers are now becoming influenced by them - if they're good at marketing themselves, that is.

These days, driving traffic to your site is no longer the end game. It's just the start. The growth of Web 2.0 has in turn shaped a natural evolution in sales techniques to match: a kind of Online Marketing 2.0 or, as it is otherwise known, Engagement Marketing.

There's no single definition of Engagement Marketing, but then again there's no single way of doing it. What we can safely say is that it goes well beyond traditional internet marketing, taking advantage of the Web 2.0 phenomenon by allowing brands to participate in a constant, multi-faceted and genuinely two-way dialogue with the consumer.

This whitepaper provides an introduction to the world of Engagement Marketing.


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