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How procurement can add business value post-merger


Recent times have again seen the rise of mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Though M&As are often driven by financial considerations, whether or not they prove to be a winner depends on the success of the post-merger integration effort.

Though often overlooked in the pre-merger and due-diligence phases, procurement can play a critical role in ensuring a successful post-merger integration (PMI).

PMI procurement can offer rapid savings and deliver a wealth of critical information on incumbent contracts and practices. Moreover, a procurement initiative can hit the ground on day one after the deal is closed and is an ideal means of encouraging people to work together and generate a new company culture.

Efficio has extensive experience in performing procurement transformations in post-merger situations for both blue chip corporations and private equity houses.

In this white paper we explain the value of involving procurement in the pre-deal phase, explore the specific procurement challenges surrounding post-merger integration, and propose an approach for effective PMI procurement.

For an in-depth look at the issues raised, please download the paper now.

Tags: Procurement, Merging, M&A, Mergers, Acquisitions.

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