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Work measurement: The key to effective talent management, organisation effectiveness and reward


Job evaluation is frequently seen as a standard business process in many organisations, something that you have to do in order to pay people fairly. It is used in many organisations to assess and benchmark pay levels, where it adds great value and intelligence. However, successful organisations recognise that it has much more to contribute if used in a broader context, where it can help to forge and clarify the connections between organisational structure and HR processes.

Research conducted by Hay Group highlights a clear  difference in how leading organisations view job evaluation (JE). While many still use JE in a narrow (pay only) context, others take a broader approach. This broader approach to JE, we call ‘work measurement' and it is the organisations that use a work measurement approach that gain the most value and report the highest level of satisfaction with the process. Work measurement allows organisations the ability to link across HR processes such as talent management, recruitment, training and reward - an elusive goal for many organisations.

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Tags: People management, Managing your people, Job evalutation, HR, HRM.

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