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Joined up Finance - Integration: The top 9 business benefits


Integration: The top 9 business benefits, and why true integration is easier to achieve than you might think!

We all know that keeping our different IT systems in step with each other can be a constant battle. In particular the finance system is perhaps one of the most reliant on obtaining new information from other applications to run successfully.

Despite this, many organisations are put off by full integration and instead substitute this for manual attempts to shift data from various systems back to the core accounting platform, or rely on other approaches such as batch processing. However these methods have many drawbacks compared with true integration that delivers automated updating of information between systems in real-time.

Find out how integration can:
• Reduce administration
• Eliminate errors
• Enable quicker billing
• Enable slicker credit control
• Lead to better budgeting
• Contribute to more accurate reporting and informed management decisions
• Save on IT costs
• Improve quality of financial data
• Enable faster & improved customer service

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