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When Hitachi’s business boomed, who did they turn to for a credit management software solution?


Legacy credit management software had been installed in 2002, but remained unexploited, mainly due to its lack of functionality and reliance on manual input. Having had some exposure to a credit management system, the team had an idea of what they required in a business finance solution.

These needs included linguistic flexibility; with clusters of customers concentrated in UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy, it was essential to maintain regular contact with them in their native languages to simplify the collection process.

Interactivity was another key requirement; so many software solutions in the current market are mere collection portals, denying two-way communications and a positive user experience, resulting in dissatisfaction and poor relationships.

Web-based and online access was also important to Hitachi in their search for the ideal system, as was an array of communication modes. They had learnt from experience that having multiple means of exchanges with customers increased the likelihood of timely payments. Management reporting and swift data extraction were also core prerequisites in final selections, as was scalability across various ERP platforms, due to the diverse and complex nature of the Hitachi business.

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