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Handling and Dealing With Change - Accountancy


For accountants in practice, changes have been made on a regular basis. If for example, we went back some years ago to a time when accounts were typed, then “read over” and finally bound and offered to the client, you would think that was archaic. Imagine how accounts are prepared now. If that had all happened over night it would have been a very difficult matter to deal with. Slow change that is planned is quite regularly an improvement on the original model.

The changes in legislation can become acceptable providing that they are not all at once, and that the advantages if not clearly seen, can be coped with. The accountancy profession in particular has accepted the changes over the years, and has coped with them. Many changes may have taken some of the “fun” out of the profession itself, but nevertheless many of the technical changes, if not the legislation has made life a lot easier.

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