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A guide to reducing non-core operating costs in the economic downturn - Back Office Supplies


Whether it’s the cost of equipment itself or the way your employees use it, a contract that doesn’t truly reflect your requirements or a culture of waste in the organisation – all of these can be adding unnecessarily to your expenditure and reducing your ability to streamline the business.

This guide - the third in our series looking at different areas of cost reduction - aims to provide a range of practical advice and examples from experts in the field to help ensure your business is managing its costs effectively and efficiently.

It includes tips and advice on the following areas:
• Photocopiers – are you deriving maximum value and efficiency from this workhorse of the modern office?
• Telecommunications – the array of tariffs, and new technology, products and services on offer demand a strategic and well-informed approach
• Postage – even in the electronic age, most businesses have a postal requirement but the deregulated market needs careful navigation

Tags: Strategy, Planning, Back Office, Telecommunications.

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