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A guide to maximising value from financial services providers - Professional Services, Insurance and Employee benefits


But all this professional advice comes at a cost and, as with every other cost base within your business, it may be larger than you think and larger than it needs to be.

This guide - the fourth in our series looking at different areas of cost reduction - aims to provide a range of practical advice and examples from experts in the financial services field to help ensure your business is managing its costs effectively and efficiently.

It includes tips and advice on the following areas:
• Professional advisors – why an open and honest relationship between client and advisor will deliver value
• Insurance – as well as a competitive premium, how do you negotiate the complex broking market to ensure you’re receiving the right levels of cover and service too?
• Employee benefits – is your current package an effective tool for motivating and retaining key staff?

Tags: Business Software, Business, Insurance, Benefits, Financial Services, Reducing Costs.

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