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Global mobile communication: How to improve productivity, profits and reduce cost


The pace of change in social, mobile and visual communication technologies is transforming the way companies do business. Meanwhile, the ability to work and communicate anywhere and at any time is changing the way organisations communicate with their clients, employees and business partners.

A recent survey of finance directors, chief financial officers and financial controllers by Financial Director magazine and Truphone found that every single respondent who had either colleagues, clients or suppliers in multiple countries (52.5%) was concerned about the costs of an increasingly mobile workforce.

The challenge for businesses is to devise communication policies that will control the escalating cost of doing business abroad, while providing employees with access to essential tools and data that encourage communication and productivity in foreign jurisdictions.

This white paper looks at the strategies companies can employ to control how their workforces use mobile phones abroad and how they can be implemented without damaging productivity, efficiency or causing negative employee behaviour.



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