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Forward Focus - Winter 2012


In this issue, we confront what may be the biggest challenge facing businesses today - persuading your bank to lend you the working capital you need. We reveal how PKF's Funding Solutions service can finally help you to get credit where it's due.

Other articles include:

Who's afraid of finance?

Many directors and managers may be harming their businesses and missing opportunities by not addressing the gaps in their financial knowledge. But you can do something about it.

Not knowing if you're here or there

Are you resident or domiciled in the UK? Are you 100% sure what residence and domicile actually mean? More to the point, what does HMRC consider you to be?

Investing in an intern

Internships are becoming more popular, but getting them right can be tricky. We look at the common mistakes employers make, and how your business can avoid them.


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