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The FDs’ guide to social networking


Today's harsh commercial climate has seen businesses flock to social networking sites as they look to promote themselves and optimise results with shrinking budgets.

There are, however, many FDs who do not engage with social networking or who do not fully recognise and measure the tangible return on investment that social networking can bring. This begs the question: why is such an important business tool being overlooked and dismissed by some holders of such a key role in the business?

This guide looks to unlock the secrets of social networking for the FD and outlines some of the ways in which FDs can incorporate these widely used tools into their business strategy. The guide looks at the key social media of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, with a note on blogging, and evaluates the way in which the FD can optimise the use of these social networks to the advantage of the business.

Tags: Financial Director, Social Media, Social Networking, Performance management.

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