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FD Special Report: Leadership


Churn in the finance director world is up, for good and bad reasons. In some cases, they appear to be the scapegoat for an underperforming business or one that is in a panic and needs a quick message for the markets that they’re regaining control. In other, more evident examples, they’re being promoted to chairman, to chief executive, or to more prominent nonexecutive roles, consolidating a few years of graft against punishing conditions – and leading a business as we ponder the chance of a double-dip recession.

Chief among the skills FDs now need to do this are the ability to create and lead the most valuable relationships, with lenders, with investors, with markets, employees above and below them – demonstrating that they can cajole, persuade, bring with, and where required dispatch with all of those while creating added value. Our special report on leadership covers all these issues at a pertinent time.

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