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Evolution: A Rocky Recovery - Strategy & Forecasting


We are already well into 2011 and it is fair to say that any economic recovery appears somewhat fragile. Many factors remain high priority for UK businesses and it’s difficult to predict how some evolving issues will fully take hold.

Insolvency levels are not perhaps what the market would have anticipated and within this edition of evolution, we look at some of the pressure points on businesses and their sectors as they strive for growth. The centre spread, for example, looks at the impact of high inflation levels brought about by rising costs across an increasingly global economy.

Our cover story explores one of the less apparent issues impacting business distress – poor-performing or problem SME management. While most people may think that external market factors force most businesses into insolvency, often it’s issues within that are the root cause.

As UK fraud tops £38 billion of losses, we also look at the increased threat of Missing Trader Intra Community Fraud, in addition to comparing notes with Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon, our network firm across the waters, on why Ireland’s distressed property market might be about to turn a corner.

Also inside, we take time out with Tracey Callaghan, Head of Restructuring and Recovery, to find out more about her outside work equestrian pursuits.

Tags: SME, Economic, Small Businesses, Fraud, Recovery.

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