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Essential guide to CPD in accountancy


Qualifying as an accountant can be a long and intensive process, requiring many hours of study. Having achieved this goal, newly qualified accountants might feel they can now relax but all professional bodies put a lot of emphasis on continuing professional development. Qualifying is only the first step in an accountant’s career. To ensure that members build on this foundation, they are all required to complete regular CPD.

The main focus is on career development and progression, but there is also a need to keep up to date with developments and changes in rules, regulations and practise.

There may also be different knowledge and skills that you will need to acquire to do your job properly, and this is particularly true if you find that your career moves into new areas outside technical practise.

Even if you are not looking for career progression and your role has not changed, CPD is important to keep your knowledge fresh and up to date.

To read the full report and gain more understanding of the different requirements for CPD, please download a copy here.

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