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Employee Engagement in Sustainability Why it Matters to the Bottom Line


Employees regularly see opportunities to reduce corporate wastage, are keen to contribute sustainability ideas and to participate in corporate sustainability initiatives, but are rarely given the opportunity to do so. The costs to these “sleepwalking” organizations are significant and not always obvious.

In many cases, organizations are not properly enforcing or reporting on progress towards publicly stated goals. As a result, they are either not recognizing the full potential financial impact of failing to meet sustainability targets, or finding it difficult to effectively implement and manage sustainability initiatives.

Employees cannot find the time to identify how they can minimize their business travel costs or their energy usage.

Typically, employees have no easy way to involve themselves in company-wide schemes or monitor their own carbon footprint and energy efficiency. Without a simple and straightforward means for this to happen within existing time constraints and with management teams unable to set and monitor progress towards goals, many organizations will continue to face worryingly large, often increasing costs, irrespective of their policy on sustainability.

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