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eBook – Purchase to Pay Manifesto


As we've all seen, markets are now more volatile than at any time in living memory. Risk is more keenly felt. Issues around credit are well documented. Not to mention fluctuations in commodity prices and exchange rates. The picture is one of constant uncertainty.

In this environment, the ability of organisations to have control and visibility across their purchase to pay process is essential. Achieving higher levels of spend under management, efficiency in accounts payable and cohesion between finance and procurement are key to unlocking cash currently hidden within poor processes.

In this eBook we'll discuss:
• Why gaining visibility and control is so difficult.
• How you can break down information silos across different departments.
• Why Purchase-to-Pay matters more than you think.
• Successful execution of Purchase to Pay Strategies.
• How you can kick the paper habit with invoice automation.
• Bringing spend under management.
• Moving to more strategic purchase to pay.
• Cash management strategies.
• Achieving operational excellence and world class ability in Finance and Procurement.


Tags: Purchase-to-Pay, Cash flow, Financial Management, Strategy, Working capital.

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